A Treasure Trove of “Clues” For a Great Party

“Treasure Hunt, A Book of Clues for Parties”, isn’t your grandmother’s “how to entertain” manual. In her unique party-planning how-to book, Nancy Kruse details how to have the most fun when you’re planning a gift-giving party for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding or Baby Showers, even Christmas parties. If you’ve ever been on a treasure hunt, you know how much fun and satisfaction you get when you find all the clues – and finally, the treasure. “Treasure Hunt” has all the information you’ll need to plan the perfect hunt, with gifts as the treasure.

Party planning is an art that some seem to have the knack for, while others need the help of professional party planners to put together a party that everyone will enjoy. The secret is to keep the party moving, involve everyone and try something fun and different that will have your party-goers talking about the great fun they had. There’s nothing like a treasure hunt to do all that – and more!

“Treasure Hunt” teaches you how to have fun from the planning of your treasure hunt party until you’re bidding your guests goodbye. She provides over 100 clues for making your party a hit – and everyone will want to know how you did it. All ideas in the book are easy to carry out, taking into consideration the size of your party space and the personalities of guests.

All details for planning your party are included in the book. The clues rhyme and will take you smoothly from the beginning to the end of your “Treasure Hunt.” Why just sit someone down and hand them gifts, when you can have so much more fun making them find them with clues? The book can be used for adults or children, as long as the children are old enough to read and comprehend the clues.

Your party can include singing, dancing, acting, reciting and anywhere else that your imagination takes you. There are beginning clues help to get the party started and action clues where the seekers sing, dance or perform charades (or choose from many other action clues). The treasure hunt will proceed from room to room. There will be living room, bathroom, bedroom and any-room clues that are assured to make your guests double over with laughter.

You’ll take your guests from the basement to the attic, outside, around the neighborhood and all places in between to look for clues and ultimately – gifts! You’ll use objects like toilet paper holders, articles of clothing, dirty clothes hampers and toys to hide the treasure clues and everyone will be wondering, “What’s next?” as you roam from room to room and in and out of comical situations.

Staging your treasure hunt, gift-giving party is like staging a Broadway play – and all the “clues” you need can be found in Nancy Kruse’s book, Treasure Hunt. So, what’s holding you back – plan a party using Treasure Hunt-A Book of Clues for Parties!